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Throughout the pandemic there has been intense pressure on finding and securing PPE (personal protective equipment) for a price which hasn't been highly inflated above the norm of inflation and from a genuine supplier. At PPE4People we are very happy and proud to have created a completely free and charitable platform which begins to vet suppliers and buyers entering. This is done through information taken and manual checking of certificates such as CE or product liability certificates submitted to the website.

Now that we have been in the world of PPE for a significant amount of time, we have started to be approached by buyers who need large quantities of stock either OTG or production. As a result we are now wanting to find individual suppliers who can be consistently relied on for these big deals. We have laid out the steps required below:

STEP 1 - Proof of Trade

  1. We need a redacted POT "Proof of Trade" . We do not need to see your buyer's information, so this information can be hidden, but we need to see the level of trade for a specific product you are selling.

  2. Please tell us which product and quantity slot you wish to be considered for, see the simple table below of the 6 products and 4 quantity options.  Please note your POT can not be less than the quantity slot you want to apply for.


If you want to be considered for the 1m-10m, you need to provide a POT of KC500 from 1m to 10m units. This can be AWB, BOL, SGS or other similar document, again this can be redacted to hide your buyers information.

Product / Quantity500k-1m1m-10m10m-50m100m+
Cranberry Evolve
Cranberry Transcend
3M Masks (1860/9332+)

STEP 2 - Once we have reviewed and verified your POT

  1. Provide your SOP & Comms structure for the product and quantities you are offering

  2. Please provide your NCNDA information and we will arrange a one click DocuSign NCNDA

Full Name / Designation
Company Name / Company No
Company Address
Citizenship / Passport No

Our deal team will have your details ready for buy requests that you can fulfill, please note PPE4People will be a commission party on the IMFPA. On some deals we may take a buyer/seller mandate or intermediate position.

All this information should be emailed to [email protected] who is the Head of Global Partnership at PPE4People.

Zoe Brightmore
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Zoe Brightmore

Zoe is a volunteer of PPE4People. A recent BSc neuroscience graduate with experience in scientific writing and two new kittens.