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A a woman working from her home during the coronavirus outbreak by Engin Akyurt

Here at PPE4People, we are constantly trying to help people, which is why the site has been and remains a non-profit service for all. At the height of the pandemic, the prices were being massively inflated to the point that buyers were searching for better prices, wasting time and effort. In response to this, we created a reverse auction which meant the sellers were bidding for custom instead of buyers. This allowed buyers to get the best possible prices as sellers were competing against each other. We are very happy that so many people have had successful deals out of the site and accessed life-protecting PPE.

With the news of vaccines being created and the demand for PPE gradually decreasing as the world catches up with the shortages, we are happy to announce new trading functionality on the platform. This will be a place for sellers to list items and prices and sell them to buyers, therefore being a regular auction. We are keeping the reverse auction on the site along the side as we still completely believe in the buyers being in charge of deals, but this addition will allow people to chose which auction they would like to do.

The site will remain open to both small purchases and large global trades. We have sellers and buyers from one person clinics to global hedge fund managers. All documentation such as CE certificates and product liability insurance will continue to be manually checked. We have recently added more areas to the site to enable people to add more documentation, such as presentations of products and test reports.

Zoe Brightmore
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Zoe Brightmore

Zoe is a volunteer of PPE4People. A recent BSc neuroscience graduate with experience in scientific writing and two new kittens.