About Us

PPE4People was born as a non-profit organisation, out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to help companies and organisations purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without getting overcharged, buying uncertified products or buying from bad actors who have no intention of shipping goods.

Today, PPE4People is still free of charge and is helping thousands of buyers source PPE from pre-vetted sellers, using our unique reverse auction platform. Our vision is to create a global multilingual platform that is the first place to go to buy PPE.

Our History

In early March 2020 Doug Scott foresaw the UK lockdown looming due to the data being provided by analysts globally and called upon his friend and colleague Lee Parry to see what we could do to help. Together, they had the idea to create a global supply chain for PPE products and built PPE4People in early April to help get genuine PPE into the UK.

Our cause has attracted hundreds of people willing to volunteer their time and energy to help get PPE into the UK. Major companies such as KPMG, WinCanton, Kuehne + Nagel and many more assisted in this campaign. The first version of the platform had over 1000 buyers of PPE, who sent 1500 unique requests for quotes to over 200 pre-vetted sellers. We estimate that over 10 million PPE items were processed through the system, with buyers and sellers both using the platform for free.

Who We are

  • Doug Scott

    Doug Scott

    Doug has over 15 years in building and scaling price comparison, discount and other websites and has disrupted many markets over this time and is a prolific investor.

  • Lee Parry

    Lee Parry

    Lee is CEO of PPE4People. A determined and inventive entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience as founder/CEO of three technology companies. He has built and sold both physical businesses based in China and HK and global digital businesses based in the UK.