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PPE4People was born as a non-profit organisation, out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to help companies and organisations purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without getting overcharged, buying uncertified products or buying from bad actors who have no intention of shipping goods.

PPE TV & Blog

Stay up to date with the latest news from the medical supplies industry and learn more about buying & supplying PPE.

  • Kathryn Wright talking to Alastair Campbell of PPETV

    How PPE4People helped

    Kathryn Wright from explains how her business was impacted by Covid-19 and how they, with the help of PPE4People, managed to help their customers, staff and friends.

    PPE TV
    by PPE TV
  • A woman walks past a street mural, during the lockdown in London 2020. by Edward Howell

    PPE Failing in the UK

    PPE availability remains a significant concern in the UK, with numerous hospitals and clinical practices reporting that they cannot get hold of the equipment that they need.

    Zoe Brightmore
    by Zoe Brightmore
  • 合众齿科牙科医生-王欣院长 by H Shaw

    Guidance on What PPE To Wear

    Ordering PPE is one thing, but deploying it correctly is quite another. There is a steep learning curve.

    Zoe Brightmore
    by Zoe Brightmore

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